We are your professional home cleaners, we are trained to follow a hygienic
Triple Coloured Cleaning System.
This delivers excellent and consistent results every time. This means that we divide the home into 3 different coloured zones, each zone has a distinct number of cleaning procedures and steps and corresponding products to ensure hygiene, efficiency and consistency are achieved.
Here’s what’s included in a typical clean…

Red Zone

Bathroom, Bath, Shower rooms & WC

  • Dust for cobwebs

  • Clean bin and dispose of rubbish

  • Clean and polish mirrors

  • Clean shower. Clean and polish any chrome

  • Remove hairs from plughole

  • Clean and polish tiled areas

  • Clean sinks. Dust and clean down all surfaces

  • Tidy- up. Dust and clean down glosswork

  • Scrub & Clean bath. Scrub & Clean toilet and bowl

  • Add Limescale toilet cleaner. Vacuum & Mop floor


Blue Zone

Bedroom, Living Rooms & common areas

  • Dust for cobwebs. General Tidy-up. 

Change bed linen (leave fresh linen on bed if you would like us to change )

  • Dust and clean down glosswork
 and furniture

  • Vacuum upholstery

Dust and clean down all services

  • Clean switches and handles

  • Clean and polish mirrors

  • Vacuum and mop floors ( if applicable)


Green Zone

Kitchen and utility

  • Dust for cobwebs. Clean bin and dispose of rubbish

  • Tidy-up

, Clean extractor and hob and oven front

  • Clean switches and handles
, backsplash areas and worktops

  • Clean down kitchen furniture
 Vacuum & Mop floor

  • Load dishwasher
. Clean outside and inside microwave

Dust and clean down glosswork. 
Clean cupboard fronts

  • Clean kitchen equipment
. Clean and polish sink


Special requests and extras?
No problem!

We call each customer before their first clean to talk through any special requests and including the locking instructions for your home.
For a deeper clean, consider adding one or more cleaning extras.


Clean Inside fridge or Inside oven


Ironing or Laundry


Clean Inside windows


All extra services

are charged at £12.50 per hour. Add these at the time of booking or email the request to
or give our customer service team a call on
0115 882 0072


Your housekeepers will require the following cleaning products and tools

Rubber gloves. Bleach. Lime scale remover (recommended – Viakal). Bathroom cleaner. Kitchen cleaner. Window cleaner. Floor cleaner. Clean sponges and dust cloths (washed in between visits). Microfibre clothes (washed in between visits). Vacuum. Mop. Bucket. Your housekeepers can supply cleaning products for £1.50 per visit (please check this option at the time of booking).